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Can I use an eyebrow razor on my face?


Can I use an eyebrow razor on my face? It is a common question nowadays. Most people want a simple solution for removing unwanted hair from their faces. Have to schedule regular waxing sessions to maintain a hair-free face or shape your eyebrows? Is the agony involved with threading or waxing too much for you to bear?  If you are …

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How To Trim Eyebrows Woman: A Step-By-Step Guide


Mastering the art of trimming eyebrow hairs into form is a must if you want to have envy-inducing brows at home. Yet, eyebrow trimming is an often-overlooked step in the shaping process. You may ask now, How To Trim Eyebrows Woman: A Step-By-Step Guide. It’s easy to see how trimming your eyebrows could lead to a cosmetic disaster if you …

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Why do Eyebrows get longer with age?


There is a deep relationship between our age and eyebrow hair. As age increase, the hair keeps changing. Many people ask, why do eyebrows get longer with age? As people age, they have bushier brows. The process of aging is the main topic of this article. Besides our eyebrows, which take on a unique appearance, our hair grows longer all …

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Difference between body cream and body lotion


You may take care of your face on a daily basis but what about your body skin? You may not maintain the skin of your body in the same way. Since our skin covers a large part of our body, we should take care of our body skin.  The basic difference between body cream and body lotion is that cream …

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Natural Peeling Gel: The Safest Solution To Skin Problems

Natural peeling gels are gaining acceptance worldwide these days because of the high efficacy of natural ingredients. Dermatologists also nowadays recommend using natural peeling gel as its side effects are minimal. Many well-known companies are competing to improve the effectiveness of natural peeling gels.  Natural peeling gel dissolves the dead skin cell by removing the bond between cells. It exfoliates …

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