Natural Peeling Gel: The Safest Solution To Skin Problems

Natural peeling gels are gaining acceptance worldwide these days because of the high efficacy of natural ingredients. Dermatologists also nowadays recommend using natural peeling gel as its side effects are minimal. Many well-known companies are competing to improve the effectiveness of natural peeling gels. 

Natural peeling gel dissolves the dead skin cell by removing the bond between cells. It exfoliates the outer layer of the skin. It benefits the skin with no harm as the natural ingredients have no harmful side. 

Are you not capable of understanding which peeling gel to use for your skin problems? Are you worried about its side effects? If you read the article to the end, I hope it will eliminate all of your confusion and dilemma. In this article, I am giving a complete overview of natural peeling gels.

What is natural peeling gel?

Peeling gel increases skin flexibility and smoothes skin. It is also effective in brightening the skin. Peeling gel contains micro cellulose particles, and it provides an exfoliation effect to the skin. 

Usually, cellulose or carbomer are the principal ingredients which uses in the production of peeling gel. Fruit enzymes are used in peeling gels which is a form of physical exfoliation.

It removes dead skin cells and accumulated matter as well. People with very sensitive skin cannot use all skin products. It facilitates the elimination of dead cells that dull the complexion. It stimulates cell renewal. 

How does natural peeling gel work?

Many peeling gel work in the same way. Human skin contains natural oils. This natural oil interacts with existing peeling gel ingredients.

 It is a kind of process to remove the dead cells of the skin. This process is called exfoliation. Our skin faces many types of problems like pimples, tan skin, dullness, etc. 

Removing dead skin is necessary to eliminate skin problems, and that is why peeling gels are used. During rubbing the gel in the skin, particles from the skin clump together and create small balls. This process loses the bond of the dead cell.

What type of method will get the best benefits from using the peeling gel?

The main purpose of using peeling gel is to remove the top layer of the skin. First, you will bring the gel into contact with the skin’s oil. 

  1. Cleaning

  You should not apply peeling gel on dirty skin. Thus, first, Clean the face before applying the peeling gel.

  1. Wet skin

You can wipe your skin after washing. But, applying peeling gel on wet skin gives better results. So, it is better for you if you let your skin remain wet while using it.

  1. Rubbing process 

Gently rub the face with the fingers of both hands. But don’t create excessive friction in the skin. It will be bad for your skin. Move your finger in a circular motion around the face.

  1. The correct quantity of gel

Experts recommend using a tiny amount of peeling gel. The size of the gel has to be around 2 cm. Remember, applying an excessive amount of gel on your face may cause harm to your skin.

  1. Clean Cotton

You can use clean cotton instead of your finger for skin circulation. Because hands can contain various bacteria whereas a clean cotton pad will be safe. It will also absorb the excess oil from the skin.

Is natural peeling gel effective for the skin?

Some peeling gel contains collagen. It is the primary building block that helps to improve skin elasticity. Also, its important functions include refreshing the skin. This also helps in sweeping away impurities to make skin glow and remove dead skin.

  • Natural peeling gel gradually improves the skin. It is sometimes time-consuming, unlike chemical exfoliators. 
  • Makes the skin very smooth. 
  • Gradually brightens skin tone with decreasing melanin generation.
  • Reduces pimples and acne scars.
  • The pores get smaller day by day.

Is natural peeling gel safe for the skin? 

Different people have different skin types. Some people have very sensitive skin. They cannot use all kinds of chemical products. So those with sensitive skin can safely use natural peeling gel. Ingredients used in it are extracted from natural sources such as fruits, plants, etc. 

Usually,  fruit enzymes are used in making natural peeling gel. Fruits are full of natural chemicals that are not harsh and provide a more natural method. It improves skin texture. Most popular fruit extraction – papaya fruit extract, pineapple fruit extract, orange fruit extract, etc.

Enzyme peels are very effective in the health of your skin. It works very well as an exfoliator. It exfoliates the skin smoothly. Natural peeling gel does not harm the skin as it uses natural ingredients. Peeling gel is safe to use even during pregnancy.

What is the role of organic ingredients in making natural peeling gel?

All the ingredients of a natural Peeling gel are organics. It contains ingredients like glycerin, xanthan gum, and aqua. Also, it has castor oil, aloe vera, parfum, etc. In this section, I am going to mention the roles of these ingredients in making the natural peeling gel.

Ingredients Significance
Xanthan gumIt is commonly used as a thickening agent. This stabilizer can make the formula sticky. This ingredient has a hydrating effect on your skin. It will also moisturize your skin.
Glycerin Make the skin smooth and glowing. Moisturize the skin by hydrating and acting as a barrier, protecting it from irritation. 
Hydrogenated castor oilWaxy material has moisturizing properties. It helps to block water from evaporating out from the skin. This protects the skin from becoming dry. So, the skin looks healthy.
AquaMost common ingredient. The scientific symbol is H2O. It acts as a solvent for all ingredients. It hydrates the skin. Thus, rough and dry skin becomes softer.
Aloe veraGreat moisturizer and anti-inflammatory. Helping in the regeneration of the skin. This helps in recovering the spots of acne on the skin.
PanthenolMoisturize the skin. Help the skin to attract water. Produce lipids and create a barrier for healthy skin. 
Cocamidopropyl BetaineCleansing ingredients. Create bubbles in the peeling gel. It helps to bind the dirt on the skin. 
PhenoxyethanolIt is used for preservation. This helps to retain the peeling gel quality. Thus, you can use the product for a longer period.
ParfumIt is used for good smells. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how it will smell after using it on your skin.

What type of contradiction faces in using natural peeling gel?

Not only are there benefits to using it. You should follow the rules before using it. It also has some side effects.

  •  Some may be allergic to it and may not tolerate it on the skin. 
  • Applying to the affected area causes infection. 
  • It can create open pores and redness. 
  • Again if you use it regularly to get quick results, then the results will be the opposite. 
  • Overuse can destroy the protective barrier of the skin. 
  • Peeling gel can create infections if you have any wounds on your skin.

What type of precautions should be taken before using the peeling gel?

You should follow the precautions while using the peeling gel. Otherwise, it may damage the skin. Those precautions are:

  • You should avoid using this if you have any wounds on your skin. Because this can create an infection in the injured area of ​​the skin.
  •  The eyes are a very sensitive part of the human body. Try not to use it around the eyes.
  • Do not rub the skin excessively with your fingers. This will cause a rash on the skin.
  • If the gel gets into the eye, immediately give water into the eye continuously until the burning sensation stops.
  •  After using a product, observe whether this product suits the skin. 
  • It is better to avoid any itching, or rashes created on the skin.

How to make peeling gel naturally at home?

Don’t trust external products? Then you can make it at home by following some steps. Homemade peeling gels are derived from all-natural ingredients which have peeling qualities. There are different formulas for different skin problems.

  1. For dark spot removal:

If you want to make natural peeling gel at home for removing a dark spot, you need to follow these steps:

  • Take one small cucumber and 1 Tbsp. Unflavored gelatin is mixed with water until it dissolves.
  • Add this mixture with cinnamon 
  • Spread this paste on your skin
  • Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then wash with cold water.
  1. For acne removal:

 Glycolic acid has long been touted for acne breakouts. So you can make and use this natural ingredient at home for removing acne. Here are the steps-

  • Pour a quarter cup of Brown sugar with half a tablespoon of orange juice into a bowl.
  • Mix it until it becomes a paste.
  • Add rose water to make the paste thick.
  • After making the paste, use it gently with your finger throughout your skin.
  • See the result after cleaning your face with cold water.
  1. For brightening skin:

Orange juice has citric acid which means it is a type of alpha hydroxy acid. It has vitamin C, the reason for a glowing skin by bleaching your skin naturally. Rosewater acts as a great toner, also hydrates skin, and makes a youthful appearance. Brighten your skin as well. 

How can I choose a good natural peeling gel from the market?

Having trouble choosing the right gel for your skin? Don’t need to worry. The natural peeling gel applies to all skin types. But while buying the product, look at some e of its qualities. Then you should select it. Try to follow these steps:

  1. Pick a hydrated peeling gel

Avoid dry peeling gels and choose one that hydrates the skin. Hydrated products can moisturize the skin.

  1. Choose from a famous company

Buy from companies that have good ethics and morals. The advantage of buying products from well-known companies is that they are reliable. It wants to gain the belief of the customer by maintaining the quality of the product.

  1. Make sure that the peeling gel contains Glycerin

Glycerin helps to hydrate skin and reduce water loss from the skin. It improves skin’s texture and enlightens skin. So buy peeling gels that have glycerin as an ingredient.

  1.  Skin type

Choose the product according to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, then use glycolic or lactic acid-based peeling gel. Glycolic acid smoothly exfoliates the top layer of skin. Those with dark skin tones can use Mandelic acid-based Peeling Gel. 

Are natural peeling gel and chemical peel the same?

No! They are not the same. The ingredients are different between these two natural peeling gel and chemical peel. 

Peeling gels are natural physical exfoliants. Chemical peels help remove dead skin while natural peeling gels remove the bonds that hold dead cells in place. 

Chemical peels improve the complexion of the skin. It has more side effects than natural peel because acid-based ingredients are used here. Manufacturers use fruit enzymes in natural peeling gel so side effects are less. 

A chemical peel will give you instant results. But, the difference is the case of natural peeling gel. It will take longer to show any noticeable difference. But, at least, there won’t be any risk to your skin.


After the long discussion, you might still have a few confusions. In this section, we are going to answer some frequent questions about natural peeling gel. Hopefully, this will remove all of your remaining confusion.

Is Glycolic acid a natural ingredient used in peeling gel?

Yes! Obviously! This is undoubtedly a natural ingredient. Sugar cane is the source of glycolic acid. It acts as a gentle exfoliator. 

It penetrates the surface of the skin. Then, it enlightens the skin tone if you use it regularly. It also helps in cleaning skin pores. It is one of the principal ingredients of peeling gel for being packed with so many qualities. 

Can I use natural peeling gel every day?

Peeling gel cannot be used daily even if it contains natural ingredients. Dermatologists recommend peeling gel  2 to 3 times a week. Excessive use will have harmful effects on the skin. Before using any peeling gel, consult a dermatologist. 

So, he can recommend a proper product for your skin type. Before using peeling gel,  check if your skin is sensitive or not. If your skin is sensitive, then consult a dermatologist before using it. Overuse can damage your skin. Maintain a minimum of limitations to get better results. 

Do dermatologists recommend using peeling gels?

Yes! Dermatologists recommend using peeling gel as it benefits the skin. Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in the US said that peeling is safe and soothing for the skin. It brightens skin because of licorice and moisturizes as it has glycerin.

Mona Gohara, a dermatologist based in Danbury, stated that peeling gel causes no hand tightens the skin tone. She advised that to consult with a doctor for rosacea, eczema, or acne.


Among all skin products, natural peeling gel is the safest skin product. Because of its low side effects, its popularity is increasing worldwide. Even dermatologists recommend using it. Excellent products penetrate the skin and oxidize, as a result, it improves skin.

Many people use chemical products to get effective results for skin problems quickly. But later it leaves your skin more sensitive, and dry, and many skin problems are included. It is best to avoid chemical peels hoping to fix skin problems quickly.

Although it is not the fastest route, natural peels slowly heal the problem from deep within the skin without harming the skin. It is the surest way to get your skin youthful. Hence, choose the natural peeling gel that works best for your skin.

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