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We can’t maintain the glow of our skin due to work pressure, stress, and pollution in our daily life. Again, you may face various skin problems because of hormonal problems. In that case, the contribution of Enzyme Peel is immense to bringing back the lost brightness and smoothness of the skin. Its acceptance is increasing among people. Enzyme Peel contributes uniquely to skincare and has many benefits. Because of its many benefits, its demand is increasing day by day. It exfoliates your skin to remove dullness. It helps exfoliate the top layer of your skin to remove dead cells and speed up cell regeneration. This boosts collagen production, which helps to maintain the texture of the skin, making the skin youthful. 

Are you suffering from acne breakouts or wrinkles and other skin problems? Does enzyme peel be able to reduce those skin problems? If you don’t know about the benefits of Enzyme Peel, then this article will give you a complete idea.

What is the enzyme peel?

Enzyme peels are usually made from fruit enzymes, which are very beneficial to the skin. Enzyme peels help remove dead cells from our skin by breaking the bonds that hold them together. It helps to digest dead skin cells and makes your skin bright, soft, and smooth. The major ingredients of enzyme peels are papain, pineapple, papaya, or maybe sometimes citrus fruits enzyme.

How does enzyme peel work on your skin?

Enzyme peels interact with our skin’s oils. It helps to loosen dead cell bonds. So that those dead cells can easily be removed from your skin. Enzyme peel digests the dead cells of your skin’s upper layers and improve blood flow so that it helps collagen production. But in this case, it does not destroy any living cells, only removes dead cells.

Its primary target is to promote proteolytic action so that protein can digest, which means dead cells can be digested. So that it can remove your skin dullness, acne breakouts,  acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, clogged pores, and so many skin problems. Even it acts as an anti-aging agent.

What are the benefits of enzyme peel? 

An enzyme peel can fight against many skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, sunburn, aging, wrinkles, acne breakouts and acne scars etc such other skin problems. Enzyme peel skin has many benefits. It has many functions including-

  • Helping comfort in acne inflammation :

If the skin is inflamed because of any kind of acne, the enzyme can heal the skin inflammation, as it gently exfoliates the skin.

  • Fight against anti-aging skin: 

It loosens dull skin and reduces the fine lines of the skin. Enzyme peels go deep into your skin to stimulate collagen production, which is a type of protein. Collagen helps to maintain the structure of the skin. As a result, it helps to keep the youth of your skin.

  • Reduces skin infection, acne, and acne scars:

If you have an oily face, you may face a lot of pimples. In most cases, after the acne goes away, its scars remain on the skin. Don’t want to go easily from your skin. So what enzymes do is exfoliate the top layer of your skin and speed up cell turnover.

  • Removes wrinkles and lines:

Who doesn’t want wrinkle-free skin? As we age, our skin becomes dull and we can see wrinkles and fine lines on our faces. Enzyme peels may be a better option for you to remove them as they can remove dead cells and speed up the regeneration of new cells.

  • Can remove hyperpigmentation:

Since we have to go out almost every day and do not use sunscreen, we expose our faces to the sun. That is why our skin color changes because of melanin production. The brightness of the skin also decreases. It reduces the production of melanin, fades sunburn, and smoothes the skin.

  • Remove clogged pores and blackheads:

Dirt gets stuck in the pores of the skin as we have to go outside every day. Enzyme Peel helps to remove dirt from pores when gently applied to your skin in a circular motion with your fingers.

  • No damage to living tissue:

Chemical peel can sometimes destroy the living tissue of your skin. But this is unlikely in the case of Enzyme Peel. This will only help to eliminate your dead cells and your skin will become smooth and glowing.

Ingredients Of Enzyme Peel and Their Benefits

Here I am giving a concise description of the most commonly used ingredients in Enzyme Peel.

1. Aqua:

This is the most important ingredient without which the peel cannot be prepared. Its importance depends on its quality. Enzyme peel contains over 60 percent aqua which is not ordinary aqua. It has to be germless, odorless. This is a matter of great importance that heavy metals will not be acceptable in Aqua.

2. Vegetable glycerin:

Vegetable glycerin is made from soybean, coconut, or palm oil as a type of liquid that has many uses in the cosmetic industry. It helps to comfort skin irritation in case you face any itching in your skin. Not only soothe your skin but it can protect your wounded skin from infection.

3. Avena sativa:

Avena sativa, another name is oats, acts as a skin barrier. This reduces the rashes of the skin, even if it works as an anti-itching, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammation of skin. As a result, it protects the skin from harmful effects.

4. Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin:

Phenoxyethanol acts as a stabilizer in the enzyme peel. This is used so that the enzyme peel does not spoil quickly. So mainly it acts as an antimicrobial agent and also a preservative of enzyme peel. It can even reduce acne problems. Ethylhexylglycerin helps to soften your skin. You can’t feel the stickiness of the peel because of this ingredient.

5. Carbomer:

sometimes skin irritation occurs after using the peel. Carbomer does not allow your skin to become irritated.

6. Aloe Vera:

This is a very beneficial ingredient for the skin which helps in moisturizing the skin. It helps to reduce your acne and acne scars as well. Another contributing factor is that it fights against skin aging. It lightens any blemishes or dark spots on your skin. Another important thing it does is to heal your skin from sunburn.

7. Polysorbate 20:

It acts as an emulsifier in enzyme peel and improves the texture of the products.

8. Sodium hydroxide:

It can maintain the enzyme peel’s ph levels and also act as a stabilizer. At the same time, it helps cleanse your skin.

9. Fruit extract:

This is the principal ingredient in the enzyme peel. It can be pineapple enzyme, papaya enzyme, etc.

10. Liquorice root extract:

It helps to brighten your skin and remove itching.

How to use enzyme peel properly for glowing skin?

Sometimes it may happen that you are using the peel on your skin in the wrong way. As a result, you cannot see any improvement in your skin. That is why You must know the method to get the best results to use Enzyme Peel for Skin betterment.

  • It goes without saying that you must apply the Enzyme Peel after cleansing the skin. Because if you use the peel on dirty skin, it cannot reach the depth of your skin. You can use cold clean water to clean the skin.
  • Before using the peel, care must be taken to ensure that the skin is wet, not dry. Because if you peel on your dry skin, there is a possibility of skin rash.
  • Then gently rub the enzyme peel on the skin with the tip of your finger. You must be careful not to rub the skin too hard.
  • Applying too much peel to the skin will cause more harm than benefits.
  • Do not apply on the skin for a long time. Remove after 10-15 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to clean your skin.
  • You need to be careful not to get the peel inside your eyes.

What kind of care can be taken after enzyme peel?

After applying Enzyme Peel on the skin, you should take some essential care to get quick results within a few days.

  1. Apply sunscreen after the enzyme peel and go outside. You should avoid sun rays as much as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to skin aging.
  2. Apply moisturizer.  Because you have to keep your skin hydrated.
  3. You should refrain from consuming excess alcohol. Because it weakens your immune system, there is a high possibility that your cell regeneration can slow down.
  4. Avoid scrubbing or any type of exfoliants for 7-10 days after using enzyme peel.

If you use any type of abrasive product, there is a possibility of damage to the epidermis of your skin. So you should follow those rules to get better results and avoid complications of skin.

What is the difference between enzyme peel and chemical peel?

An enzyme peel can work as an alternative to a chemical peel. Since, in enzyme peel, fruit enzymes are used and they give excellent results in skin smoothing, it is very safe. Chemical peels basically exfoliate the top layer of your skin to remove dead cells, whereas enzyme peels do the same thing.

An enzyme peel is a gentler process than a chemical peel. But the difference is that Enzyme Peel is made with all kinds of natural ingredients And chemical peel is made with chemical ingredients. Many types of acids are used in chemical peels such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid, which penetrate deep into the top layer of the skin. Those acids may cause skin problems like infection, inflammation, etc.

Does enzyme peel work like a chemical peel and which is better for the skin?

Chemical peels work in the same way as enzyme peels exfoliate the skin to help eliminate various skin problems. Since Enzyme Peel uses real fruit enzymes, it does not have any harmful effects on the skin.

The benefits of enzyme peel are more than the harmful side due to which its demand in the cosmetic market is increasing more than a chemical peel. Using chemical ingredients can cause long-term problems for your skin. As a result, skin infection may occur, skin color may change, and swelling and redness may also occur.

These problems can be more in the case of those with sensitive skin. Even these chemical peels can lead to skin infections that can lead to skin damage and may take a long time to recover. Enzyme peel, on the other hand, is safe for your skin as it is made of fruit enzymes and does not use any chemical ingredients. Therefore, since enzyme peels work like chemical peels and are safer than chemical peels so that you should opt for enzyme peels.

Can Enzyme peel be able to remove tan skin?

There is no doubt that the enzyme peel can remove sunburn. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause skin burns. Enzyme peels can lighten tanned skin as it eliminates dead skin. It stimulates collagen production and new cells produce so that tan skin can automatically fade away day by day after using enzyme peel once a week.

Is Enzyme Peel likely to cause any skin problems?

Although fruit enzymes are used in the Enzyme Peel, some skin problems can occur. Basically, if you have sensitive skin, then you can face some skin problems after using enzyme peel.

Itching: sensitive skin can’t tolerate sometimes all types of ingredients that are used in enzyme peel. So you can feel itching in your skin.

Rashes: You may face rashes in your skin after using enzyme peel if you have sensitive skin.

Inflammation: Enzyme peel causes another major problem among the rest, which is inflammation.

Is it necessary to consult a skin specialist before using it?

Due to skin variation, not everyone’s skin suits many enzyme peels. As a result, many people face skin problems like itching, skin irritation, etc. That is why you should consult a skin specialist or dermatologist before buying any enzyme peel. Because it is safe for your better skin. If you have sensitive skin or if there is a wound on the skin before then you must have bought no peeling product without a doctor’s confirmation.

Although Enzyme Peel can be used by everyone and its side effects are minimal, consultation with a skin specialist is not compulsory. But in case you have pre-existing skin problems or have undergone chemical exfoliation, you need to consult any skin specialist for betterment. So that your skin does not have any problems later.


How many times a week is using Enzyme Peel safe for your skin?

You can apply enzyme peel once a month. Avoid applying this weekly or daily. Because it can damage your skin cells instead of benefiting your skin. Dermatologists usually recommend applying 3-6 peels every 3-4 weeks. If you have acne breakouts, you can apply them after 1-2 weeks.

How long does the enzyme peel take time to see its result and last on the skin?

You will see the result immediately after applying it. Enzyme peels do not take as long to show significant results as chemical peels. You can even see the results after applying one peel. Enzyme peel does not last over 1-2 months. After a few months, you will need to reapply the enzyme peel.

Is it safe to use moisturizer after Enzyme Facial?

Yes, it is totally safe to use moisturizer after using enzyme peel and it is very important for your skin. Your skin can be dehydrated after peel. So you must use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin that can smooth your skin. Moisturizer does not disturb the peeling process of your skin and it also helps in the improvement of your skin.

Is there a possibility of pain in the skin during the use of this?

No, there is absolutely no pain in enzyme peel. This is done gently than chemical peels so you won’t feel any pain on the skin. So if you think that Enzyme Peel will get you pain, then remove this thought now. But sometimes you can feel inflammation if you have sensitive skin.

Is it beneficial to use vitamin C on the skin after an enzyme peel?

Do not apply Vitamin C to the skin immediately after using Enzyme Peel. You can use vitamin C on your skin at least 48 hours after applying enzyme peel. Because it may cause inflammation, itching, or rashes on your skin.


Day by day the popularity of Enzyme Peel is increasing because its side effects are very less. Among all surface peels, enzyme peels are the most gentle and safest of all peel products. Although enzyme peels are used as an alternative way to chemical peels, the demand for natural ingredients is relatively high.

You may have understood the benefits of enzyme peel from the above article. Now the choice is yours whether to use Enzyme Peel. But in my opinion, it is a great option for skin problems that have minimal side effects.

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