Korean Peeling Gel: An Excellent Exfoliates For Your Face | 2023 |

The popularity of Korean peeling gel has spread across the world. Korean skin products are currently dominating the cosmetic market by their best products. The Korean peeling gel is gaining admiration for giving your skin smoothness and glowing.

Who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin as like as youthful, perfect skin? Korean peeling gel can meet your skin’s nutritional needs. Many people face various skin problems like hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, clogged pores etc. we can remove all problems with Korean peeling gels. As Korean peeling gel is more effective in removing all these skin problems than others.

Hence, it will help keep your skin smooth in winter and all seasons. Let me tell you about its effectiveness in case you need to become more familiar with it. So here, you can get to know about Korean peeling gel, its benefits, and also its side effects. Read the article till the end to learn about the unknowing answer to questions of your mind.

What does peeling gel mean?

A peeling gel removes your dead skin cells, which is a type of physical exfoliation and also helps to clear clogged pores. There are different peeling gels such as natural peeling gel, organic peeling gel, chemical peel, etc. When It uses basically fruit enzymes as ingredients which make it a natural peeling gel. To make it an organic peeling gel, plant-based enzymes are used in the gel.

Do you know what causes dead cells in your skin? There are basically three reasons for why dead skin cells occur. One reason for this is when moisture is present in the skin is reduced. The second reason is aging. As we age, cell regeneration slows down. A third factor, and one that can happen to people of all ages, is sun exposure.

If UV rays hit your skin, they can damage your skin’s cells, resulting in hyperpigmentation and many other skin problems. To get rid of this problem, the peeling gel is very effective. But among all peeling gels, Korean peeling is the best because of its exceptional properties.

How Korean peeling gel works in your skin for removing skin problems?

Who doesn’t want flawless glowing skin? That’s what peeling gel does, and if it’s Korean peeling gel, there are even more benefits. The main purpose of peeling gel is to remove the dead cells of our skin and new cell regeneration. So that the problem of our skin is removed, and the skin becomes glowing and youthful.

When you massage the peeling gel onto your skin, it will form clumpy balls. It will be greyish or white balls. You should continue to massage the gel in your skin until the clumps form. Because peeling gel removes your dead skin cells through clumps forming. Removing dead cells is our primary aim. If your face has a lot of dirt, then the color of the ball will be grey and if the skin is not dirty, it will be white color. This occurs because of carbomer which is used in a peeling gel as an ingredient.

Can we say Korean peeling gel is better than any other exfoliant?

You have to figure out that the most important thing, the peeling gel’s property, can renew the epidermis of our skin. Here are some benefits that make Korean gel better than other exfoliants:

  • It helps to reduce your skin rashes by increasing microcirculation. Increase collagen production by working it from the deeper skin.
  • Korean peeling gel has cleansing properties that can clean your skin better and also the narrowing pores than any other exfoliants.
  • It makes your skin brighter and smoother than you could ever achieve with other exfoliants.
  • The epidermis on your skin can also regrow. People with sensitive skin can use Korean peeling gel as well.
  • People with sensitive skin can use Korean peeling gel as well. Generally, people who have sensitive skin can’t use many peeling gels. Because it can create problems in their skin. But Korean peeling gel is totally safe for them.

What are the benefits of Korean peeling gel?

There are a few reasons how Korean peeling gel has achieved the priority of people. It has some benefits which make it different from any other peeling gel. Thus, you need to know all its benefits.

  • Remove dullness

 Korean peeling gel helps to fight with dullness. It makes the skin youthful and vibrant by reducing dead skin cells. It can penetrate your skin and work from the inside which makes the skin come alive.

  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Your body contains a pigment called melanin that determines your body color. If you expose your skin to the sun, it can damage your skin cells and increase melanin production. So, this is the main reason for causing hyperpigmentation. Here comes Korean peeling gel to get rid of this problem. Korean peeling gel breaks up pigmented cells which can control excessive melanin production in your skin.

  • Prevent aging

Korean peeling gel can stimulate your collagen production. It can stimulate your skin cell activities and moisturize your skin. The Korean peeling gel is very mild so it won’t feel like it’s burning your skin.

  • Remove blemishes and dark spots

As mentioned earlier this helps the cell to regenerate. That’s why dark spots and patches and blemishes can go out from your skin easily.

  • Remove clogged pores

Since Korean peeling gels contain abrasive ingredients that help remove the clogged pores from your skin.

  • Reduce acne breakout

Korean peeling gel revitalizes the skin to look fresh and glowing. It prevents acne from breaking out on your skin. Because rubbing removes dirt and excess oil from your skin. This will sort out your acne problem.

  • Reduce wrinkles and slow down aging

Vitamin C serum is used in most of Korean peeling gels which can contain hydraulic acid, organic aloe, and jojoba oil. All these things can slow down your aging by removing wrinkles. So you find your skin youthful.

However, it depends on the type of chemical used in a product in different Korean brands. But most of the peeling gels of famous Korean brands remove such skin problems in this way.

What ingredients do they mostly used to make Korean peeling gel?

There are many variations that go into Korean peeling. However, some common ingredients are used in most famous brands of Korean peeling gels.

  1. Water

It acts as a solvent. It is most commonly used in making peeling gels. The rest of the ingredients are insoluble in other solvents like oil but can be easily dissolved in water.

  1. Propylene Glycol

It helps in stabilizing the products and also is a penetration enhancer. It also acts as a solvent, like water. Although there is some negative reputation for it, the experts have not agreed on it and have given no ban on its use.

  1. Carbomer

Carbomer is a kind of big molecule. It basically converts liquid to gel formula. Carbomer makes the gel viscous so that the liquid on the skin does not feel tacky. Mostly used less than 1% in peeling gel formulation.

  1. Hexanediol

It is a multifunctional ingredient. It acts as a solvent, humectant, and also emollient as well. It stabilizes perfume in watery products and helps to disperse pigments. As an additional function, it also acts as a preservative.

  1. Betaine Salicylate

Betaine salicylate is a combination of betaine which is a gentle moisturizer and salicylic acid, the most common ingredients used in peeling gel. Its main purpose is to moisturize your skin by making your skin hydrated.

  1. Allantoin

This is a soothing ingredient used in Korean peeling gel. Along with being soothing, it softens and defends the skin and can help wounds heal.

  1. Disodium EDTA

Its main purpose is to make the peeling gel stable for a long time by neutralizing metal ions in the peeling gel formulation. In peeling gel disodium is used a tiny amount which is not less than 1%

  1. Hydroxyethyl Urea

It works in the same way that glycerin does on your skin by keeping it hydrated.

How do you use Korean Peeling Gel in your skin?

There are some methods of using Korean peeling gel you should know. If you do not know the rules of use, then the Korean peeling gel will not be able to perform the function of the skin.

  • Never use Korean peeling gel without cleansing the skin. Wash your face with clean water, it can be light hot water or cool water. But be sure, the water has to be clean.
  • Then rub your skin with a flat towel and remove the water. You can use an air dryer to dry your skin if you want it.
  • Take a small amount of the gel with your finger and rub it on the skin in a circular motion. But of course, you can’t rub it too hard.
  • Continue the rubbing process for 5-10 minutes.
  • Clean the skin with lukewarm water.
  • Don’t keep your skin dry. Use any serum, toner, or moisturizing cream. Keep your skin hydrated.

How to use Korean Peeling Gel for Different Skin Types?

There are some aspects to be taken care of while using the peeling gel for different skin types. Because not all skin types will have the same functionality of using peeling gel. Different skin types need to be taken care of differently.

  1. Normal skin

Those with normal skin can use almost all types of peeling gels. Because they have an insignificant problem with the skin. But it is important to keep the skin hydrated after using peeling gel.

  1. Dry skin

For dry skin, use a Korean peeling gel enriched with vitamin C, glycerine, and citric acid. As it will keep the skin hydrated and also lock moisture in your skin. Otherwise, fine lines may appear on dry skin, and hyperpigmentation can cause. Again, The skin will look much dull.

  1. Oily skin

Sebaceous glands secrete sebum in our skin that keeps our skin oily and glowing. But those whose skin produces a lot of sebum which makes the skin too oily. Dealing with oily skin is a little difficult. There are some Korean peeling gels that are parabens sulfate-free, which you should choose to deal with your oily skin. That will control your excessive oil and leave your skin with a radiant glow.

  1. Combination skin

Combination skin means your skin is both oily and dry in some areas. Here, use two types of peeling gel. Use separate peeling gels for dry skin areas and oily zones.

  1. Sensitive skin

Choose mild Korean peeling gel for sensitive skin. Use products with natural ingredients and avoid chemical ingredients. You should choose Peeling gels made with fruit enzymes, because they can adapt without harming sensitive skin. For example, It can be papaya peeling gel, pineapple peeling gel, etc.

  1. Dehydrated skin

That means your skin barrier is damaged and you need a hydrating serum that can bring back your skin’s glow. So choose a peeling gel that is rich in hydrating serum.

You can buy Korean peeling gel from the market for different skin types like this. Also, ingredients are written on the back of the product, which will be convenient to buy.

What should be kept in mind when using it so that it is more effective?

Sometimes we see we can’t find any progress in our skin, though we use peeling gel. The reason behind this problem is that we don’t know the technical use process. I mean, we are using it, but don’t able to use it properly because of some misconception. Thus, your skin can be damaged instead of progressing. To get rid of this problem, you need to know what you should do or what you shouldn’t do.

  1. Do not rub the gel too hard

You may have thought that rubbing the peeling gel hard can get better results for the skin. But this is a complete misconceptionNever rub on the skin vigorously for your internal satisfaction. Because of this, there is a possibility of rash, red blotches, patches, etc on the skin.

  1. Take the gel with a limited amount

You have to take the right amount of gel. Using extra gel does not lead to better results. The amount can be around 1 cm.

  1. Don’t leave peeling gel in your skin for too long a time

You may think that if I keep the gel in my skin for too long, it might give the best result to my skin. But this is an absolutely wrong conception.

Are there any side effects of Korean peeling gel?

Korean peeling gel has very minimal side effects which are not noticeable. But you shouldn’t avoid those facts. Need to know all the side effects of Korean peeling gel. So that you can get rid of these problems and can find out the solution.

  1. Can feel burning on the skin

Glycolic acid, malic acid, and other acidic ingredients are often used in some peeling gels to make them acidic. If you have sensitive skin, that type of peeling gel will burn your skin. Because it can reduce the pH level of your skin.

  1. Itching or rashes can be caused

The skin barrier protects your skin from itching or any kind of irritation. Sometimes Korean peeling gel can damage the epidermis or outer layer of your skin. As a result, the skin may become itchy. Again you can find rashes appearing on your skin sometimes.

Do dermatologists recommend using Korean peeling gel?

Korean peeling gel has already achieved our trust. Dermatologists also say that Korean peeling gel is safe for users. They also said specifically about some Korean brands.

A dermatologist Debra Jaliman said that it is safe and can soothe your skin and can brighten it as well. He recommended it for removing dead skin cells from your skin. Again, some have confirmed that Korean peeling gel causes harm, but it may affect your skin tone.

FAQs about Korean Peeling Gel

How long do I leave on Korean peeling gel?

You don’t need to leave any Korean peeling gel for too long to get its best result. Gently rub in for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off with clean water. Leaving the peeling gel on the skin for a long time can cause skin burns. Because it can damage the outer layer of your skin.

Will it harm my skin if I use Korean peeling gel daily?

Yes, it will harm your skin if you use Korean peeling gel daily. It would be best if you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Using too much-peeling gel can cause skin irritation or burns. Because some acids like salicylic acid, malic acid, or citric acid are used for the purpose. So it would be better to use it within limitations.

When do I have to use a peeling gel before or after cleansing?

Peeling gel can’t work deep into the skin when the face is dirty because it gets blocked. So before you apply the Korean Peeling Gel, wash the skin where it will be applied thoroughly with a cleanser. On clean skin, Korean peeling gel can penetrate deep into the skin. And makes the skin glow more effectively. Also, you can sort out any other skin problems.

How many times a day and when should I use it?

It doesn’t matter that you only have to use Korean peeling gel at night or during the morning. There are no rules as to what part of the day you can use this. You can do this at any time of the day whenever you want. But I recommend that you just use peeling gel only once a day.


No doubt that Korean peeling gel is good for treating your skin problems.

If you have read the article from the beginning, then you already know the benefits of Korean peeling gel. So now choose Korean peeling gel according to your skin problem and skin type. But you should buy a peeling gel that has been dermatologically tested if you want to avoid skin contraindications. While buying, definitely try to choose Korean peeling gel from ethical brands. Because peeling gel should be reliable, otherwise it may cause various skin problems.

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