How To Use Best in Shower Body Lotion

The in-shower body lotion is a skin moisturizer that gives the skin a smooth and greasy look. Using this is a hassle-free method that can moisturize your skin. You can add it to your daily skincare routines to protect and maintain soft skin.

Usually, you can apply this in-shower body lotion on wet skin. That means you have to use it while showering. Typically, use it in the last step of showering. After that, you have to rinse your body. As a result, it eliminates all after-shower chores. For the best output, you have to keep it on your skin for at least one minute.

However, the in-shower body lotions have luxurious ingredients that make them more suitable for use. Generally, the lotions contain a creamy moisturizer with emollients and humectants. Here in this article, we will give an overall view of the use of in-shower lotions.

Why should you use body lotion?

It is a wonderful approach to simplify your basic skincare routine by using in-shower body lotion. Body lotion keeps your skin soft. Also, provides you with 24-hour moisturization. Furthermore, you won’t feel sticky for a long period. Hence, you can dress up instantly.

Typically, in-shower body lotion is a treatment for dry skin. It has the ingredients that enable you to step out with smooth skin. Also, the wet skin absorbs the lotion quickly as the water activates the moisturizer.

What are the ingredients for in-shower body lotion?

The ingredients are luxurious, which makes it different from other lotions. For this reason, the price of it is a little higher than other regular lotions.

  • Manufacturers use water and Petrolatum as ingredients for most in-shower lotions. However, the other ingredients may vary with the manufacturer’s and customers’ demands.
  • Generally, they use glycerin as a moisturizer ingredient. In addition,  they may also use fragrance, aluminum starch, and phenoxyethanol.
  • It contains some additional ingredients to improve the quality.
  • Also, it contains a few fatty acids for this purpose.
  • Cetyl and Cetearyl alcohol are natural ingredients that can improve the texture and viscosity of the lotion.
  • On the other hand oils and butter are the two most common ingredients that can be replaced by aloe vera juice.
  • Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that improve the texture of the skin. Also, it has a moisturizing effect.

How should you apply in-shower body lotion to your skin?

  • It is necessary to keep the body free of dirt before using in-shower lotion. Rinse your body the same way you take a shower. After the shower, your body will be wet. So that you are ready for your next step.
  • Apply body washes on your wet body and create foam. This will cleanse the body by removing the dirt from your body.
  • Now an important step will come, which is exfoliation. Exfoliate the body’s skin with a scrubber. Exfoliation breaks the bonds of your skin’s dead cells. As a result, it removes the dead cells of the skin and dirt as well. Removing dirt from the skin opens your skin’s pores. It helps in absorbing lotion.
  • Now apply the in-shower lotion on your wet skin. After some time, wash again with water.

How do in-shower body lotions work?

The lotion works based on 3 important ingredients. These are humectants, emollients, and occlusive agents. Each of the ingredients has a different role in the skin. But in the beginning, water plays a vital role here. The lotion is activated when it comes in contact with water.

Furthermore, those three ingredients carry out the best outputs. As long as the water activates the lotion, humectants start to soften. As a result, your skin absorbs more moisture. You should keep the in-shower body lotion on your skin for at least one minute. Here are the roles in detail:

  1. Humectants

Glycerine and honey are the most common ingredients that act as humectants. The role of humectants after using in-shower lotion in the body is to attract more moisture. Besides, it also softens the skin.

However, they have a sticky nature that’s why you should use in-shower lotion sparingly.

  • Emollient

Butter and oils are the most popular emollient components. The function of the emollient is to keep the skin’s appearance youthful for a longer time. It usually replaces the lipid barrier to protect the skin.

In-shower body lotions now frequently contain shea butter as an emollient. But oil plays the most important role here.

  • Occlusive Agent

The most common occlusive agent is wax. One of the most important components of in-shower lotion is that it makes the lotion different from others. To function the in-shower lotion properly it needs to stay on the skin at a low amount after washing out.

The wax creates a physical barrier that traps the glycerine, butter, and oils. Thus, it ensures the lotion stays on the skin. The barrier provides two advantages. One is to reduce the moisture loss from the skin. The other one is not to rinse off the whole lotion from the skin.

What precautions should you follow when using this lotion?

  • You may have open cuts on your skin. It is inappropriate to apply in-shower body lotion there. This is because it will delay your wound recovery. You should avoid sensitive areas of your body’s skin. There may also be itching.
  • If rashes appear after applying on the skin, don’t need to continue in-shower body lotion. Stop using it as soon as possible.

Should everyone use in-shower body lotion regardless of skin type?

Yes, everyone can use in-shower body lotion. The in-shower body lotion is beneficial for both wet and dry skin. However, dry skin may get the best benefits, as the in-shower body lotion provides moisturizer with it.

Sometimes our skin gets damaged because cracking appears on it. Even in this situation, the in-shower body lotion can come up with remedies. Actually, the skin cracks due to insufficient moisture and we can get a sufficient amount of moisture from the lotion.

What are the possible side effects of using in-shower body lotion?

There are fewer side effects compared to the benefits of in-shower body lotion. The side effects arise with the heavy and extra use of the lotion. Still, you can neglect them while using them, but if you consider them in your daily skincare, you will get the best output from them. Here are the side effects:

  • Using too much in-shower lotion means using too much moisturizer. Too much moisturizer isn’t good for the skin. It will lead your skin to look older in case of look younger.
  • Sometimes it may cause an allergic reaction in the body.
  • Regularly heavy use of in-shower lotion may burn those who have very soft skin.
  • May feel irritation on the skin
  • Redness and stinging may occur

If you face any of these side effects, it is better to visit a doctor. Sometimes it may lead to unusual changes in skin that you can’t understand.

Do dermatologists recommend using in-shower body lotion?

To lock moisture on the skin, dermatologists recommend applying this in-shower body lotion during showering. According to Dr. Martin, the in-shower body lotion contains humectants that have a fascination with water and emollient lubricant on the skin.

This mixture creates a layer of oil on the skin. A dermatologist suggests shower lotion just because of the ingredients they have. A Miami-based dermatologist called Dr. Donna Bilu Martin explained that “the moisturizers attract water due to containing humectants and emollients. And in-shower body lotions contain these mixtures which are activated by water”.

Basically, oils and emollients form a layer on the skin and your skin absorbs it before washing out. However, the treatment may not have the same effect on every skin. Because in-shower body lotion can’t provide enough hydration on various skins.


Should I use this lotion in winter or summer?

There is no specific season for using in-shower body lotion. This depends on the skin type. If you have heavy dry skin, then you can use it every season. But usually, in winter, it has better effects.

Can I use body serum instead of an in-shower body on my skin?

Yes, you can use body serum instead of in-shower body lotion. But the problem is, that you may not get the same output and result. Also, the methods of applying serum are different from in-shower lotion.

There is a significant difference between in-shower lotion and regular lotion. Using in-shower body lotion will provide supple, smooth skin. On the other hand, your skin may feel sticky if you use regular lotion.


The in-shower body lotion is completely different from conventional lotion. Using in-shower body lotion has benefits like it doesn’t leave any residues that may affect your skin.

If you have read the entire article till the end, then you already know how to use in-shower body lotion. Choose your perfect in-shower body lotion from the market and cut off all post-shower tasks by using it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use regular body lotion while showering, as it won’t give any positive results.

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